Jan 19, 2010

Le Look En Paris!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I am currently in Paris and I haven't gotten my computer to work yet...BUT...one of the things that I am getting out of being in Paris is a good sense of style...lucky for you! So for the next few weeks I will be showing the latest trends that are sure to hit the U.S. ASAP!


Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE!) is wearing tights of all colors and textures in Paris. The weirder, the better! Even in the bitter cold, girls are wearing mini skirts or shorts with tights underneath with booties or flats. To slowly incorporate them into your wardrobe is to wear them going out at night to stay a little warmer wearing that mini skirt!

Some I love:

1. American Apparel black zig zag dot sheer pantyhose; $28; American Apparel

2. Side Slashed Tights; $20; Topshop.com

3. 80 Denier Hot Pink Opaque Tights; $5.10; ASOS (also in cobalt)

4. Patrizia Pepe Camo Tights; $18.70; ASOS

5. Trina Turk Navy Argyle Tights; $20; CUSP