May 5, 2010

Double Take?

Zac Posen's red dress for Target (left) is looking A LOT like this dress from the H&M Garden Collection...Wouldn't you say??

Which one do you like better??


  1. Hmmm, tough call, but I do like Posen's styling better (socks with sandals & shades-super young & fun).

  2. Hey!
    I preffer Zac Posen's dress, but H&M dress is also beautiful. Great blog!
    You have a new follower and friend. Kisses from Spain (K)

  3. with so many dresses being designed, sometimes i honestly think, that it is silly to talk about copyrights, when the resemblence is only teeny tiny.

    if you look carefully, these dresses are nothing alike.
    one is girly, the other one - sexy.
    don't know which one i like better.

    i'd mix 'em together :) take a bit from one, a bit from the other, color from target's dress.