Dec 11, 2010

Don't Feed The Models

Are the models (post-runway) becoming more and more animalistic? At least they are as far as wearing fur is concerned. Models found around town during Paris Fashion Week were seen wearing all sorts of skins: differing in silhouettes and colors, but amazing furs nonetheless. 
Let's take a gander:

I just found my new gray rabbit fur coat at a consignment store. For reasonable prices, check resale/consignment shops and ebay for vintage coats. If the fur is still soft, and it is still visibly in good condition (i.e. hasn't lost large chunks of fur), its probably still in good shape and worth the buy.

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  1. I don't hugely agree with wearing fur - but if it looks utterly gorgeous then I think it's worth it! The third look is just stunning - the classic Chanel bag looks perfect with it!

  2. I'm vegetarian, so I'm definitely not a fur fan unless its faux!

  3. I love fur! So glad its returned!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    I advocate the poncho…

  4. i love faux fur, its warm and cozy ;)

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