Mar 14, 2011

Come Flea With Me

For my Chicago Readers, Lucky Magazine and Midwest Living and the Chicago Tribune have featured a new weekend activity with the company Come Flea With Me. Sisters Kate Shifrin and Christie Weller take 20-some women once a month on a luxury bus (with food!) to various flea markets in the Chicago-Wisconsin-Indiana areas. Not only will they give you good bartering advice and styling tips, but you'll get to find new [old] vintage clothes and home goods you can cherish. 

Here are their upcoming dates:

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  1. Great feature! Am now following you :)

  2. v interesting! i love flea markets. theres a great one out by my parents house in st charles that runs every first sat-sunday starting in june. xoxo jcd :: stop by! im hosting a custom print giveaway cornflake dreams

  3. flea markets are what dreams are made of.
    but why isn't Ohio included in this?
    oh yeah because we're not good for anything besides The Buckeyes and like.. corn.. or something.