Mar 31, 2011

This Is Me

 So, this is me, Stingies. I honestly tried to not include my personal self in this blog so much (besides my general style interests) because I don't want my blog to be judged because of me, instead I'd like it to be judged by its content. 

However, I've been getting a lot of questions asking about myself and I've read so many blog tips about how you have to make your blog as personal and honest as possible. Honestly, maybe making this blog more personal would drive more traffic to it. But, I'm really camera shy, and frankly, taking pictures of myself (or more so, asking someone to take pictures of me) and my everyday outfits, to me, is extremely awkward. 

So, I'm gonna give this a go- and let you in on a bit of my life.

(the voice behind Stingy Style and 

Nice to meet you.

I am 21 years old, and I'll be 22 on June 12th.
I'm from Chicago, go to school in Illinois, and will be moving to NYC upon graduation in May. (photos of my newly leased apartment to come)
I have lived/worked/studied in Chicago, LA, NYC, and Aix-en-Provence, France all within the past two years, hence the numerous locations on my twitter.

Um, what other questions do you have?
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  1. aww i love that your keeping it more personal. your followers will be able to get a better sense of who you are :) How come you traveled so much? and omg marie claire thats amazing, congrats!


  2. wow youre so PRETTY!! I love you and your blog and gigot and mini gigot.
    so proud of you!! so excited to experience the next new and amazing chapter of our lives TOGETHER!!

    Love your bff foreEVER, yah... forever.

    The Candy Crusader

  3. Oh hi! Nice to meet you! We have the same birthday & I'll be turning 22 on June 12th too!

  4. Hi, doll! Nice to "meet" you finally :)
    Sounds like you've had quite the fun journey the past few years.. and working for Marie Claire will be a blast I am sure. What will you be working with there?


  5. Congrats on your new job and graduation! You'll have a blast in NYC! Where in Chicago do you go to school?

  6. Wooohoo.. can't wait until you come to NYC!

  7. Wow your experiences so far sound amazing! I can only hope to get similar opportunities when I graduate!

    Good luck with your new flat/job!


  8. What will you be doing at Marie Claire?