Apr 25, 2011

The Moving Process- Part I

So as I begin my big move to NYC (May 25th-ish right now?) I am planning out buying all this new furniture which is really not easy, but still--very exciting. My dad and I were flipping through the IKEA catalog and we're thinking, how much of this looks this good in real life? So we we went to their store in Schaumburg, right outside of Chicago. It is so frickin huge, holy shit. But then again, what Ikea isn't? We proceeded to play the '500 Days of Summer' game...

Here's the floorplan of my apartment, which I photoshopped the furniture to scale:

Here are some of my picks right now, from various stores, not just IKEA. Let me know what stays, what goes---Let's start with my bedroom:

I am having an upholstered headboard made with this fabric. Headboards can be so expensive so I bought two yards of expensive fabric from the Merchandise Mart and I'll have it made- will cost WAY less than something from Pottery Barn and probably more expensive looking and more my style.
The picture looks a little beige-y but its really a light grey with metallic-y white outlines

My bedspread is from Donna Karan Collection, which can be found at Bloomingdales Home and its now on sale, when I bought it a year ago at full price...grrrr....

I haven't really decided on nightstands and a dresser, maybe TBD from a flea market when I get there?

The Living Room:
I bought this sofa from an antique store for $250 (what a steal!!). Its 1950's Sweedish with original green mohair velvet upholstry. Its probably worth at least $1000. That's why I write a blog called Stingy Style- because I find great stuff. Yes, I WILL toot my own horn.
It is being stored in my garage right now, so I tried to pull down the plastic protection as much as possible, but you get the idea.

So if you look at my floorplan, that couch will go near the window, and I am buying another couch as a sectional that friends can sleep on, etc.
I found this white one at IKEA and its a little normal but it is a great price. If anyone else can find a couch with a chaise attachment for around $500 that's a little more luxe, comment with a link.

 Next is my coffee tables that I saw at the store layered (i think the term is "nesting") underneath one another and it looked great! End tables next to the couches are undetermined, but these coffee tables are from IKEA as well...

 So then, I have a little alcove where, in my floorplan) you'll see a black blob with some chairs. I intend to put a book shelf in there, but then my dad was like, well- where are you going to eat? So we found this at IKEA which addresses both needs! Or it could be a pseudo-desk. Huzzah!
Lamps and other decor still needs to be decided as well, but I think for now that's about it. Granted, I don't know anything about proper interior decorating, just picking out things I like. Whatever...

Comments please!

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  1. Aww welcome to NYC! Looks like you have amazing space at your place, which is not common hehe maybe to make the couch more interesting you could splatter paint or dye the fabric? If anything you can cool throw pillows :)

  2. Wow! So jealous, looks like you are moving into a fab place! I love that desk/shelf combo, I was going to get it.

  3. omg. that couch is fantastic. loves.

  4. hey, you have a great blog. I'm following you x

  5. Good luck in NYC. Must be so great!
    I adore the white couch. It will be perfect in every decor!(:

    Dreamy Princess

  6. Thankyou for the lovely comment!
    Your apartment will be gorgeous, super good luck for the move!


  7. I'm loving the fact that you are here in NYC! Please do show us pics when it is complete!


  8. Is like a dream come true for every fashionista! have fun in NY



  9. I absolutely love your blog! So glad I've come across it. Wish that I could get hold of some of the amazing things you post in the UK! Xxxx http://www.whynotgetdressed.blogspot.com xxx

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