Feb 11, 2012

I Asked, You Answered

 I put out a blast on my Twitter asking, "do you guys know of a moisturizer that will actually somewhat HEAL my super-dry face?"

Especially with this cold, windy weather (okay it may be gross, but its the truth!) my face has been super flaky! My normal moisturizer (why did I even pay for this stuff?) is just not cutting it and you can tell how dry my skin is even with makeup, scratch that, ESPECIALLY with makeup.

(left to right)
L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream 1.7oz, $42
MALIN+GOETZ SPF 15 Face Moisturizer, $48  
La Prairie Cellular Moisturizer SPF 15 'The Smart Cream' 1oz, 30ml, $153 
Amazon Herb Company, Camu C Serum, $79
Jason Natural Cosmetics Revitalizing Moisturizing Creme with Vitamin E, $8.07

" I have found that products are the best! Amazing healing properties..."
" obsessed with this stuff! barneys.com/Face-Moisturiz…"
Sure do, Camu C Serum from Amazon Herb Company...truly amazing product. Awesome company all around, try it out!"
I swear by Jason moisture renewal. It's perfect for winter, natural and full of vitamin-E

The Smart cream from works wonders!

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  1. Great pics!
    xo Kimberley

  2. Egyptian Magic Cream! Rachel Zoe & lots of other celebs & makeup artists swear by it....it's often included in swag bags at shows and it rocks! You can pick it up at any Whole Foods & the tub will SERIOUSLY LAST you forever! A TINY goes a LOOONG way! I've had my tub since August & i'm only halfway done w/ it! The best part is it's all natural - made of olive oil, honey, & bee pollen so there are no nasty chemicals & synthetic ingredients & fillers that most products have. I slather it on at night & i go to bed a little greasy/shiny but wake up w/ perfectly smooth, hydrated, plump, & GLOWING skin! Highly recommend it!


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  4. Try Again...(oh, those old people)

    Bobbi Brown Hydrating Cream is remarkable. In the winter, at night only, I also use Bobbi Brown Extra. Of course, H2O Plus is always an option, but I like those best in the summer.

    Drinking plenty of water makes a huge difference, too.