May 24, 2012

Sites That Make My Life Easier

In a world where I distinctly remember the sound of dial-up internet and where the world wide web was basically exclusively used for my email address (it was popular back then, I swear), it is crazy to think how the internet has changed and adapted to contribute to the conveniences of our every day lives. 

Here are some of the web sites that I use in my everyday life, and how they can help you too:

Lifebooker is like Groupon, only exclusively for women. On it you find daily deals for discounted services, only the services are what women would find appealing: manicures, hair appointments, spa treatments, gym memberships, you name it. The other day I bought a deal on Lifebooker for a partial highlight, haircut, and blow out for only $59 at Do Zoo Salon in the Depaul area of Chicago. I was very impressed and have been getting compliments on my hair all week. I'm just happy to give my wallet some relief from the quarterly hair routine that can usually run me close to 200 bucks! Also, in our attempts to have Shakira's body by the end of the summer, my friend Ali and I bought an unlimited-classes pass to a kickboxing gym for a mere $29. 

I know this is an obvious one, but I've now replaced my 'Bookmarks Tab' with using Pinterest because my Bookmarks Tab had close to 1000 links on it that I don't know that I ever returned to a single link after putting it there. I've used it for organizing things too, like creating an ever increasing 'Shopping List' of all the clothes I'd like to own (as I'm sure most of you would like to as well, considering nearly every garment sold on the internet is on my list). 
*If you need an invitation to Pinterest, email me at, or tweet me @StingyStyle*

So many of you, I'm sure, have heard of but is another discounted services site, much like Lifebooker, except that have amazing things going on in your city, like cooking classes, galas, charity events, and more. I've purchased tickets to a lot of events in Chicago like charity events or industry parties for the purpose of networking. Most of the events shown on there are nice enough that you can meet influential people and they're not the 'Fashion Folk of America'* meeting at a bar pretending to be scene.
*I do not know if Fashion Folk of America is a real organization, it was simply used as an example. 

4. (for other Bloggers)
For bloggers that aren't already associated with, it is an affiliate program that works to get bloggers paid. The site works on your behalf to negotiate with brands/designers/sites to give a commission to bloggers for products purchased directly from their site. If you are a blogger and this sounds interesting to you, I highly suggest it. It is by invitation only, so email me at, or tweet me @StingyStyle to get involved.

Last Call is the Neiman Marcus outlet. Neiman's does have various outlet Last Call stores across the country but they are scarce. We actually have one in a suburb of Chicago, but its a pain in the ass to get to and it is extremely hit or miss, considering you might find what you're looking for but not in your size, etc. etc. is great because it has the entire range of sizes, just as if you were shopping online at any other online retailer. TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack-- none of these discount retailers have online shopping featured on their sites, only where to find a store. sells inventory that have been marked down from Neiman Marcus stores. If you sign up to be on their mailing list, nearly every day they have a special deal for subscribers, usually in the ballpark of '30% off your entire purchase' or '40% off all shoes today'. One thing is- disregard the prices shown, if they are having an extra 40% off all shoes for the day, the price shown DOES NOT include the 40% yet, it gets marked down at checkout- good for you, but it can appear to be an off-putting price at first glance.

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