Jun 2, 2012

I'm thrilled because today my order from ASOS finally came after being stuck at a post office in New Jersey for the past two weeks...

Keeping: Maxi Dress, Belt, and Tee 
Returning: Boyfriend Jeans (runs very big), Belt (too big)

I'm still looking for more maxi dresses for the summer that can be dressed up, don't want something that looks like a schleppy beach cover up and contributes people's misconceptions that I might be pregnant. Comment below with your suggestions/links!

Even though I just got my hair done a few weeks ago (on a deal I bought on Lifebooker (one of the sites I put in my 'Sites That Make My Life Easier' post); partial highlights/cut/blowout for only $59!), I saw another deal for the exact same price so I bought it, thinking that I'll need it in a month or so! Can't let deals like that slip away from me!

My birthday is coming up on June 12th. Usually I make grandiose plans for a party but I've been very indecisive. Any suggestions- throw them my way. I don't want to just do the 'go out to dinner with your friends then out for drinks' bit-- so easily forgettable. (Mom if you are reading, I have an entire Pinterest board made out of all the things I did not get for Christmas that I would like for my birthday, next Christmas, and more birthdays/holidays after that.)

Finally, I am trying to cater more to my readers and what you guys might want from reading my blog. Please fill out this quick 10-question survey so I can feature more of what you guys want! 
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