Feb 12, 2013

Well, hello Stingies! Long time, no see!

I know I've been out of the loop, but I have been hibernating here in Chicago-- well, actually I've been so busy I can barely see straight. 

Here's the scoop:

Because of Stingy Style's killer twitter following, several businesses (mostly restaurants) came to me confused as to how I, as a blogger/individual person, have thousands of followers and they as multi-million dollar businesses, only have several hundred. There began a new business venture! So, for the past several months, I have gained a few clients doing creative consulting- social media, PR consulting, photography, graphic design, etc.

Now, since business has been growing I have moved into a REAL office, no longer the corner of my living room, where I can work with clients AND do Stingy Style! 

I apologize for this overdue post, but with finding an office, registering my business, tax codes, bank accounts, expenses, furniture, new computers, IKEA madness and more...my life has been a crazy mess. 

But now, I am settled in my new office (pictures to come) and ready to serve!

Stay tuned for a real Stingy post this afternoon! 

You're the best,

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