Jun 25, 2013

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Work Outfit 1: Get her look with similar skirt, shirt, scarf, flats, bracelet 1 and bracelet 2.

 SS: Give us a run down of your job.
Kelsey: I graduated from a liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 and attended a graduate program in publishing that summer. I returned to the northwest when I realized I didn't want to move to New York and pound the pavement. I ended up starting in human resources as a temporary staff member and was promoted twice into the position I'm in now. I currently manage faculty and staff recruitment for the university I work at including on- boarding new hires to the university.

SS: How long have you been working there?
Kelsey: 2 years, but I'm leaving to move to Portland in three weeks to work as a local human resources coordinator for a renewable energy consultancy.

SS: Was it hard getting that job at the university?
Kelsey: It was easy, actually. I was hired as a temp staff member and then everything fell into place. When I'd been applying to random jobs post- grad, it was difficult to get a call back, but in terms of getting into the university, it was pretty simple. I also had some great connections as I was an alumni. When I just started looking for a new job, I found it wasn't that difficult either- but my resume has become more robust. I was invited to interview at 6 places out of the 20 I applied to. 

SS: Take us through a day in the life of YOU.
Kelsey: I get up at 6 a.m. to work on the blog. I comment on about 100 blogs a morning and then get ready to work, which always equals ironing. Ugh! I work from 8-12 and 1-5 on recruiting. It's constantly busy, I have a lot of meetings and spend much time multitasking and emailing. When I get home at 5, my boyfriend and I go out and take outfit photos and then I spend pre- and post- dinner editing photos and getting a blog post ready. Before bed, I usually comment on blogs again and then it's bedtime at 10:30 p.m.

 Work Outfit 2: Get her look with similar skirt, shirt, blazer, sunglasses, heels, ring, necklace and purse.

 SS: Caffeine of choice, go!
Kelsey: A cup of coffee with sugar and milk at 6 when I get up! 

SS: If you didn't have your position at the university, what would you do?
Kelsey: I would love to blog full time or be a social media coordinator. I've also always loved the thought of interior design, organization services, or even wedding planning. I love anything creative and challenging.  

SS: Do you have any pointers to people looking to work as a recruitment coordinator too?
Kelsey: Hone your resume and your cover letters and try any HR experience, even a certificate or degree. It's so helpful when someone knows the industry. 

SS: What advice would you give your college self?
Kelsey: Network, network, network. It's something I didn't do and regretted! 

Work Outfit 3: Get her look with similar dress, belt, shoes, bag, necklace and bracelet.

 SS: How did you get into blogging?
Kelsey: I fell in love with an East Coast style blogger and thought: "I can do that!" I love shopping, writing and photography, so it felt right. 

SS: How do you schedule blogging and work? Do you find it hard?
Kelsey: I have a rigorous, "if you're not at work, you're blogging" schedule. It's exhausting, but I love the blog.

SS: Do you make an effort to include details of your personal life and/or work on your blog?
Kelsey: I try to include personal details as often as I can! Work details are sensitive and confidential, so I keep that out of it!  

SS: Do people in your office know that you have a blog? What do they think about it?
 Kelsey: They do, actually! They all think it's pretty funny. I am not sure if anyone knows the actual URL other than my young colleague and friend, but they ask me questions about my outfits pretty regularly.

Work Outfit 4: Get her look with similar skirt, sweater, belt, heels, ring, bracelet 1 and bracelet 2.

SS: What is your office dress code? What's considered inappropriate at work?
Kelsey: I wear business casual (slacks or skirts and nice blouses) Monday through Thursday and then we have casual Fridays where jeans and a blazer are acceptable. Sometimes I push the limit on skirt length, but I'm tall! 

SS: How do other women in your office tend to dress?
Kelsey: The women I work with (save for one colleague that's my age), dress in pretty standards slacks and blouses. They refer to me and my colleague as the resident fashionistas in the office.  

SS: Any fashion at work nightmare stories?
Kelsey: Oh god... Once I accidentally went too casual on casual Friday and was pulled into a meeting with the president and his cabinet. Let's just say I haven't worn a tee and neon accessories including neon toenails again.

Work Outfit 5: Get her look with similar blouse, pants, belt, ring, bracelet 1 and bracelet 2.

SS: Where do you shop for work clothes?
Kelsey: I love The Limited pants, the Loft for basic tees and skirts, H&M for trendy pencil skirts, and the Gap for button downs. 

SS: What do you wear on the weekends? Is it different than your "work clothes"?
Kelsey: I wear jeans, shorts, shorter dresses and skirts as well as tank tops or more sheer items. It's definitely a 180 in clothing as I don't have freedom to be casual at work. 

SS: If I were on a desert island and could only pack three things...
Kelsey: I'd bring my camera and two lenses... I think I'd die pretty quickly, but there would be photos to show for it! 

SS: What is your favorite piece in your closet? 
Kelsey: I adore my Paige Denim Kylie crop jeans and my Limited faux leather motorcycle jacket.

Are you juggling a 9 to 5 job and a blog? Comment below with your blog's name and profession, and you could be selected as our next Stingy Style career girl! 
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