Nov 18, 2013

What a major week this has been! We moved into a new office here in Chicago- by we, I mean, Jaimie, my creative assistant, and our small group of interns: Lily, Michelle, and Kacie. 
I am also, as you may know, in the process of redoing my new condo. I've have submitted our plans for construction to the condo board but have yet to get approval. Don't they know the clock is ticking?! Can't wait to show you before, during, and after photos though-- I'm sure they'll be very Pinterest- worthy. 

This week, along with this big projects- I also found out I have an ulcer!! My doctor was like, what the hell are you doing that is giving you an ulcer at twenty-four years old. I told him, trying to rule the world. He scoffed. Major diet and lifestyle changes to come. For seven days now I've been on a raw-vegan diet and have dropped nearly ten pounds. I was/am a pescatarian but was really relying on the vegetarian aspects of chips and goldfish crackers. My kitchen counter now looks like the Mexican fruit and vegetable stands I used to go to all over New York. Keep up with my new healthy meals on Instagram @StingyStyle, although I'm afraid they're going to overwhelm my feed because fresh fruit always looks so pretty. 


Congratulations to Madelyn Brown for winning the Chanel Vernis giveaway! Stay tuned for more giveaways, they are usually so easy to enter, I'm surprised we didn't have more entries. If you are already a follower on Facebook, you definitely should have entered!

Also, in the next coming weeks, we'll be doing a lot of holiday shopping suggestions for everyone. If you don't know what to buy your boyfriend/mom/sister/dad/anyone, you can email us qualities about that person and a budget to and we'll send you some links to products that could make good gifts. Don't be shy, I love it! It's like personal shopping on the internet!

For more personal inquiries and questions, email or tweet @StingyStyle


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